FRANK Women to Watch Out for in 2017

Year one of FRANK is officially done! It's been good, it's been fun, and I feel like we've all gotten the chance to learn about some stellar women — all with very different backgrounds and aspirations. Below is a list of the amazing ladies that I was lucky to feature this year. Make sure to keep an eye on them in 2017, they’ll be doing even more great things.

1. Collette Stohler
The one who left it all behind to travel the world and follow her dream. About a year ago Collette and her husband quit their jobs, sold their cars, rented out their house, and hopped on an airplane. They now travel the world and share their experiences with their fans. Learn more about how she got started here.

2. Alexandra Henry
She wanted to follow her passion — and she did. This year, Alex ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund “Street Heroines,” a documentary about women graffiti artists around the world. And if you think following your dreams is always posh, think again. Here she sheds light on how she makes it happen, the good and the bad.

3. Mina Seetharaman
Since I first interviewed Mina earlier this year, she was promoted to SVP, Head Global, Creative Strategist at The Economist Group. She’s a true leader in the content space. Learn more about Mina here.

4. Robin Shobin
She ditched her job in the financial world and decided to start a website about skincare and beauty — without any background whatsoever in the digital space! Not only was she able to pull it off, but soon after launch, the site was syndicated on Yahoo! Beauty and Learn more about Robin’s journey here.

5. Gabriela Tavakoli
When IMDB lists someone who has produced more shows than Shonda Rhimes, you know you they are legit. Chances are you’ve probably seen one of Gaby's shows and don't even know it. Learn more about her here.

6. Julie Campistron
She's always cool, collected, and direct — something I appreciate and admire. Today, she has a new and exciting venture, which she balances with a full personal life. She’s the co-founder of Stop, Breathe & Think, an app that helps people live more mindful and compassionate lives through meditation. Learn more about her here.

7. Sara Kantathavorn
For 16 years, Sara Kantathavorn has worked with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise. Her energy is amazing and at a level that is not normal. Learn more about the world of talent relations and how social media influencers are changing the game.

8. Grace Mase
When I think about what the poster child of graceful achievement looks like, Grace Mase comes to mind. Super smart, super driven, and kind beyond words. She was my boss’ boss many moons ago and I’ve always looked up to her. I recently caught up with her, and I’m happy to report she’s taken her bad-assness to the next level. Learn more about her here.


9. Andrea Carpenter
She has a sense of humor, is a good listener and is a planner at heart. It’s those last two qualities in particular that have helped her survive a major corporate acquisition and thrive in the ever-changing world of children’s content. And did I mention that her job requires her to travel half the year? Learn more about her here.

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