Creativity: The Skill of The Future

With technology evolving at a frantic pace, the skills most desired in the workforce of the future are transforming as well. An article in World Economic Forum says creativity will be the third most-valued skill by 2020, so learning to get in touch with our creative side makes more sense than ever.

While some of us may not feel creative enough to come with the next “Hamilton” level hit or a better version of Google Glass, there are plenty of areas in our work and life that can benefit from stretching our creative rubber band a bit further. And if you don’t feel you are particularly creative or just feel a little out of touch with your inner muse, you’re not alone: Only one in four people feel they are reaching their full creative potential.  

Here are two effective ways to kickstart your creativity by two talented women I know:

1. Take a class.
“I go to art exhibits and open studio nights where various artists open up their work spaces and let others see their creative process. And I take classes. I took a three-day intensive course in acrylic painting this past summer and learned about a lot of new materials and the effects they can create. I followed that by taking a five-week puppetry class where I crafted my own puppet and learned how to bring a story to life with the help of two other individuals. There are many ways to keep yourself inspired. It’s just a matter of opening up your mind and letting everything in.”  -- Eva Niewiadomski, founder at creative meeting and event space, Catalyst Ranch.

2. Find inspiration and wonder about everyday things.
“I get inspiration from everything. Conversations, people, animals and even objects. I can look at a chair and think about the process for sitting in it and create an article for couples, like "don't sit quiet on the challenges you face in your marriage.” -- Tiya Cunningham-Sumter, founder of The Bolder Sister

If you’re not sure what will work for you, here are a couple of resources to get you going:

It’s time to let your imagination run wild, because as a creativity author would say, “Creativity is always a leap of faith.

Paula is Founder and Chief Strategist a La Kart Marketing, an experiential boutique firm founded in 2014.

Paula Otero