How To Get Involved With the FRANK Newsletter

Recently, more and more of our readers have been asking how to get involved in the FRANK Newsletter. So here are five ways to become a part of our community:

1. Tell your friends about it. 

Perhaps the most obvious one, but also a very important one. Be the first one to tell your friends about the FRANK newsletter — before they find out from someone else. You'll score extra-cool lady-boss points with them and a HUGE thank you from us!

2. Share with us what you are reading, watching, and listening to. 

Is there something that you think the FRANK community could benefit from or would like? Tweet or send us a note here.

3. Contribute. 

Many of our readers have already written for the newsletter and so could you. You can contribute in any format you want — video, audio, or images. We'll figure it out together! A few examples:

The 3 Things That Make You A Quotable Expert by Diana Alvear

What NOT To Do When Asking For Help by Robin Shobin

The Upside of a Non-Linear Career Path by Amy Stevens

Send us a note.

4. Know a woman you think we should interview? Let us know! 

Do you know someone amazing you think we should interview? Tell us all about them — we love making new friends.

5. Have Notes or an idea for FRANK? 

Your feedback is welcome and incredibly valuable. Your ideas and thoughts are very much appreciated. If there is something you think we should consider, send us a note.

Oh, and don’t forget to check us out on Instagram.